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  • When We Enter the Clients Home

    • Clients and staff are required to wear a mask while indoors

    • Staff will use hand sanitizer after leaving their vehicle and before entering the client's home

    • Staff will use their own equipment when necessary



  • Interactions with Customers / Social Distancing Measures

    • Clients and staff are required to wear a mask

    • Clients are to fill out a Covid-19 assessment a maximum of 24 hours before drop-off time (Located at the bottom of this page and will be sent in an email before the visit)

    • All pickups/drop-offs are to occur at the front door of the house and proceed as follows;​

      1. Remain in your vehicle until you see a staff member​ approaching the gate

      2. Have ONE person from your family exit the vehicle and place your animal and their belongings on the table in front of the gate.

      3. Return to your vehicle and wait for a staff member to collect your animal and their belongings

  • Sanitization of Customers' Items Upon Arrival / Departure​​

    • We will be sanitizing the available surfaces of your animal's belongings upon arrival.

    1. Spray and wipe with a safe and mild bleach solution

    2. Thorough rinse and wipe down with water

    3. Spray and wipe down with a 1:1 vinegar:water solution

    4. Left to air dry

  • Meet & Greets

    • Most meet & greets will all now be performed by appointment only; to maintain a safe social distance between staff and clients. Performed either by;

      • Video call over Zoom​

      • Phone @ (855)496-1966

      • In-House (Rare occasion)

Covid-19 Health Declaration

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