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Bird Services

Boarding Pick-Up and Drop-Off

per round trip - $20

Drop-in Visits
*within a 15km radius*

Quick check up on your pet in your home 

Perfect for any medications, feeding or handling

30 minutes - $25

45 minutes - $30

60 minutes - $35

Holiday Rate  + $10 surcharge

Cage Clean - $10 / Cage


Overnight stays in my home in a spacious rectangle cage
We request clients to provide any perches, toys, and food they would like their bird to have during their stay 

Smaller Birds - $10 / Night

Finch, Budgie, Canary, Cockatiel, Lovebird


Larger Birds - $12 / Night

Conure, Parrot

Additional Birds - $5 / Night

*We only have a few cages on hand and may have to ask you to bring your own*


Green Parrot

Benefits of booking with us
~FREE meet & greet!
~Bonded and Insured

~24/7hr care and security webcam monitoring
~Receive real-time updates via Time to Pet
~6 years of professional pet care, mixed with 23 years of personal life experience
-Read more about our journey here!
~Return to a clean home & happy pets
-This includes cleaning their food bowls when required & filling the water dish.
Experienced with
~grooming small pets
~administering oral medication

Service includes twice daily

  • Food & water checks

  • Spot cleaning

Service includes once daily

  • 15-30 minutes of social-time

  • Updates via the "Time to Pet" app


  • Pellets and 3 days of vegetables must be provided by the pet owner

  • Pet owner may provide a clean, adequately sized cage for all pets in exchange for a discounted rate (depending on time of year)

There will be a $10 cleaning fee for pets with dirty cages upon arrival

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